A Pathway to Educating our Future!
The paths we provide determine the future of generations to come.
Preparing for the Future and Beyond!
Preparing the next generations through Academic Excellence and Spiritual & Economic Growth.

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    Gateway Learning Academy Options

    Our Learning Packages

    We provide quality education to children aged six weeks to five years old. Achieving academic excellence starts at a young age, where competent and passionate educators, as well as parents, nurture their knowledge, skills, and abilities through quality education and age-appropriate activities.
    $ 285 /Weekly

    • Nurture Hearing
    • Nurture Sensory Skills
    • Safety and comfort

    $ 246 /Weekly

    • Gain Self Help Skills
    • Exposures to Sounds
    • Peer Engagement
    • Hands on Activities
    • Safety and Comfort

    $ 192 /Weekly

    • Enrich Vocabulary
    • Enrich Sensory Skills
    • Develop Language
    • Develop Speech
    • Competency in Math & Science

    Before & After
    $ 95 /Weekly

    • Academic Understanding
    • Execute School taskings
    • Improve Child’s skills
    • Safety and Comfort


    Promoting Academic Excellence and Learning beyond the four walls of the Classroom.

    We believe that children are our most important assets, and the more we invest in their future, the stronger and more productive our society becomes.
    Promoting excellence through academia for a firm educational foundation.
    Family values allow children to thrive in the home, and in society.
    Developing Interpersonal and Multicultural skills makes well rounded future leaders.
    With a firm foundation, the future is easier to take on.

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