Programs – Before & After

Learning outside of the four corners of the classroom.

Nurturing your child’s innate skills and abilities with various activities allows them to thrive outside of the normal school environment. We help guide and assist children to hone those skills learned in school.

Warm, welcoming classrooms for all backgrounds and abilities.

Our Before and After School program is focused on helping children learn beyond the four walls of the classroom. Other than helping them understand and execute school-related tasks beyond school hours, we also work to improve their skills, talents, and abilities, whether in sports, arts & crafts, and music, among others.

Our educators and staff will guide children into achieving their highest potential in the fields of academic learning, athletics, cultural learning, or social development. We give them a broad range of opportunities that strengthen their proficiency in communication and literacy, sports, creativity, resourcefulness, teamwork, patience, and other skills that help in developing lifelong learning.

Safety & Comfort for your Little One.

Questions about our Before and After School Program?

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